Department of Forestry Resources Management (FRM)

The Department of Forestry Resources Management train students on forestry resources related discipline and carry out innovative forestry research and extension services. The department is also mandated to do beatification of SEKU compound and reforestation of the degraded SEKU land and its environment.

A leading department of excellence in forestry teaching, research, innovation and extension.
To train, research and impart necessary forestry knowledge and skills for sustainable forestry management and utilization.
(a)    To generate necessary technical knowledge in forestry that would impact on development of the environment so as to encourage harmonious interactions between man and the natural environment.
(b)    To develop personnel with necessary forestry research and policy analysis competence so as to contribute to informed forestry decision-making towards sustainable community livelihoods.
(c)    To produce professionals and technocrats capable of spearheading sustainable forestry development agenda by focusing on sustainable forestry technologies that enhances environmental conservation and management.
(d)    To carry out afforestation programmes for SEKU land and its environments with an aim to restore forests that have been destroyed through unsustainable harvesting of indigenous forests that existed in the area.

Opportunities for Graduates Trained in Forestry
Graduates in the field of forestry can get jobs in:
(a)    Ministry Forestry and Wildlife
(b)    Government institutions
(c)    Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
(d)    Private sector, dealing with tree planting and timber processing
(e)    International organizations
(f)    Wildlife sanctuaries and National parks.
(g)    Colleges and Universities that offer forestry courses
(h)    Film making and wildlife journalism.
(i)    Private consulting firms

 Courses offered in the department
(a)    B,Sc. in Forestry
(b)    B.Sc. in Land Resource Management
(c)    MSc. In Climate Change and Agro-Forestry
(d)    PhD in Cilamte Change and Agroforestry
(e)    Diploma in Forestry


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