Title:Regulations and Syllabus for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Management

2. Introduction
Environmental management involves the management of all components of the bio-physical environment, both living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic). This is due to the interconnection and network of relationships amongst all living species and their habitats. The environment also involves the relationships of the human environment, such as the social, cultural and economic environment with the bio-physical environment. The programme of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Management seeks to strengthen the knowledge base of Environment Management scholars, enabling them to undertake critical analysis of important environmental management issues, to conduct and co-ordinate multi/inter-disciplinary research, and to disseminate information and data for sustainable use of natural resources. The knowledge gained by those specializing in Environmental Management will enable adequate analysis, modeling, prediction and monitoring of environmental degradation leading to effective mitigation measures, rehabilitation and restoration of the environment.

2.1     Justification
Environmental challenges have been areas of priority and focus in the 21st century worldwide. Prudent management of the environment will address these challenges faced by humanity and other living organisms on planet earth. This can only be achieved through relevant training and research on environmental management. Many institutions have been in the forefront in the development of environment-related undergraduate and post-graduate programs. This PhD program is purposely tailored to absorb candidates with Masters degrees in the many environment-related programs with the aim of producing well trained and all round environmental managers and researchers. The school of Environment and Natural Resources Management, also, has undergraduate students undertaking BSc. in Environmental management as well as MSc. in the same. As such, this program will provide a smooth transition from masters to doctoral level with the aim of thoroughly training and mentoring highly qualified environmental managers and researchers.

2.2    Objectives of the programme
The programme aims at:
a)    Producing specialists in field of Environmental Management who will provide innovative ideas and solutions to our existing and emerging problems and guide policy development and implementation.
b)    Providing training designed to gradually and systematically build and strengthen the individual’s capacities to conduct research on environmental management issues.
c)    Developing the highest level of scholarship, research capability, and creative thinking skills in the student’s specific area of research interest.
3.0 Admission Requirements
a) The general regulations for PhD programmes of South Eastern Kenya University shall apply.
b) The common regulations for PhD degrees in the School of Environment and Natural Resources Management shall apply.
c) To qualify for admission into the Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Management programme, a candidate shall be a holder of: 
(i) Masters degree of SouthEasternKenyaUniversity or its equivalent from a University recognized by SEKU Senate in Environmental Management, Environmental Studies/Sciences, Natural Resources Management, and in any relevant related areas;
(ii) Masters degree in relevant social sciences and engineering recommended by the School Board and approved by SEKU Senate.

4. Course Structure and Duration
The degree shall normally take a minimum of three years and a maximum of six years. Registration status will be reviewed from time to time by the Board of Postgraduate Studies and will be based on progress reports. Continuance of registration will depend on evidence of satisfactory progressive progress at the end of every six months from the date of admission.
a)    The doctoral programme shall normally consist of research proposal development, fieldwork and thesis.
b)    The student must submit to the Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies a draft research proposal within six months of the first academic year after registration.

5. Examination Regulations
The examination rules and regulations for postgraduate studies of SouthEasternKenyaUniversity’s Postgraduate Studies shall apply.

6. Award of Degree
A candidate who successfully completes the course shall be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Environmental Management of the South Eastern Kenya University.


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